Competent crew is essential to safe and efficient vessel operation.

We believe that our most important asset is our human capital. That is why loyalty and high retention are key to ensuring that onboard risks will remain at the lowest possible level.

We pay special attention to education and training Lemissoler, going above and beyond what is required to develop our cadets and crew to the high standards we are known for.

Our network of training centers ensures crew have not only technical proficiency but understand the commercial realities of vessel operation, the importance of compliance and, most of all, safety. We also provide them with the soft skills required to run ships in today’s high-pressure environment.

For this we have developed a suite of training activities comprised of several phases:

  • Prior promotion training of ex crew member to provide an easy start

  • Training of a newcomer for smooth on-board integration

  • In-house seminar and training

  • Pre-joining briefing and training

We pride ourselves on achieving an officer retention rate of more than 90% at a fleet level. This notable level of retention is a result of the successful recruitment, training, appointment and scheduling of qualified and capable crew.

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