Our Values


Treat every vessel as if it were our own

We respect those we work with and behave in ways that earn the trust of others. As a ship management company with an owner’s footprint, we understand the impact of our operations and care deeply about the consequences of our decisions, large and small, on our customers. Each vessel is treated on an equal and highly responsive basis as if it were one of our own, and not just another vessel. Ultimately in this way we deliver better value.


Solid foundations in human capital

At Lemissoler we believe that our most important asset is our human capital. We owe our achievements to the unique skills of our people at sea and those who support them ashore.

Our manning offices have a reputation for attracting and supporting seafarers to develop from Cadets all the way to Captains and Chief Engineers.

What we do is rarely easy. Loyalty and high retention are the key to ensuring that risks onboard remain at the lowest possible level.


Solid foundations in human capital

Our task is to assist clients to achieve their goals. We have high standards and deliver quality results through the systematic and disciplined management of our operations, such as:

  • Maximization of revenue from strategic planning and positioning of our fleet.
  • Lower operating costs, within budget and without any compromise on the highest quality.
  • Design and equipment review to improve vessel performance.
  • Dynamic anti-fouling applied to the hull, based on each vessel’s testing parameters to enhance performance and minimize hull fouling.
  • Use of our sophisticated Planned Maintenance System (PMS) as a central communication platform for all technical matters and tasks that allows cost effective planning of maintenance works and execution of the supplies.


Solid foundations in human capital

In a constantly changing world, we believe that continuous improvement is only demonstrated if information is shared in an open manner.

We listen to what the ship owners want and provide access to vertical intergrated software, customized in-house with an online real-time dashboard showing every aspect of a vessel’s performance.

This way owners get a hands-on experience at our lower than industry average operating expenses (OPEX).


Not only managers, but owners

Building, developing and harnessing positive relationships with stakeholders alike are at the very heart of our commercial success.

Purchasing: Cost-effective purchasing is key. By partnering with leading manufacturers, suppliers and service providers, our Purchasing Department is able to provide high-end products to vessels at competitive prices by following the procedures of our corporate governance.

Cargo Operation: We are supported by commodity traders and a well-connected pool of chosen brokers and agents who safeguard the success of every voyage.

Corporate: We seek and promote new thinking and ideas. We look for ways to be ahead of the curve and to create value added results to any shipping related project; from origination, to execution and management.


Always go that extra mile for you

Our success is based on our ability to work hand-in-hand with you as our customer to gain your confidence, your trust and your loyalty. At Lemissoler Shipmanagement, we do not just look at your assets and how you need them to be managed. We look at exactly how you would like to work with us, and adapt to meet those needs.

  • We ensure that owners understand and receive back all the benefits entitled to them from the manufacturers and suppliers during ship management and new building construction.
  • We excel in maximum vessel availability, safety, reliability and efficiency to achieve higher income at the lowest possible operating cost.
  • We offer total cargo care and have extensive experience in satisfying the transportation needs of our industrial clients.
  • Our team provides strategic advice and makes sure every vessel has reached its full life cycle.

As managers and owners, we are open-minded and we lead by example. Allow us to develop a tailor-made solution just for your needs.