We left no stone unturned in analyzing our Lem59 design and turning it into a mega successful Lem65 super eco Ultramax.

Joining forces with SDARI & ABS we utilized all means technologically available to optimize the hull lines, propulsion system, cargo intake, engine room, deck cranes and accommodation design.

CFDs, model tank tests, scenario assessments, ESD combo trials and experts’ opinions contributed to the development of an EEDI Phase 3 compliant fleet well ahead of its time.

Other elements of both LEM designs include a distinctive bow shape to maximize the efficiency of the hull. The ship’s hull has also been refined for excellent fuel efficiency under all conditions, from shallow to full load draft.

In our recent LEM65 designs proprietary technology was also used to reduce wind resistance by as much as 20 percent, including the shape of the accommodations block was molded to reduce wind resistance.