“Our purpose is reimagining shipping for people and our planet. Our sustainability frame underpins our strategy to be an integrated shipping company and translate our purpose into action. It sets out aims in the areas where we believe we can make the biggest difference for Lemissoler, our stakeholders and society.”


Improving our fleet’s consumption of fuel and other inputs and the resulting impacts of emissions, use of resources and climate change.


Rewarding the skills, experience, behavior and loyalty of our staff and enhancing with fair remuneration and a commitment to health and safety


Evolving management and governance practices for best in-class risk management, transparency and stakeholder confidence

Environmental Priorities

Emissions Monitoring

We strictly monitor and assess our emissions to reduce our environmental impact

Environmental Compliance

We comply timely and effectively with all environmental regulations

Maritime Green Tech

Increased our funding and active participation in green tech programs

Social Priorities

Diversity & Inclusion

We maintain a unique mix of experienced and skilled seafarers as well as on-shore employees


Strengthening our community with tangible contributions

Health & Safety

Management of health & safety risks is a core priority of our strategy

Governance Priorities

Risk Management

We seek to and evidently do effectively manage the risks inherent to our operations

Business Ethics

We strive to always operate ethically and transparently

Data Ethics

Well positioned to protect the security of our seafarers, ships, and digital assets

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Our Approach

Embrace the green, make sustainability supreme

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Strength in diversity, harmony in success

ESG Reports

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