After thousands of model tank testing simulations, these are the energy saving devices we choose to have installed on our fleet to improve even further on already optimal ship design:

    • Pre-swirl device: Duct, is a propulsion improving device that creates optimal inflow for the propeller by guiding one side of the stern flow in the opposite direction to the propeller rotation, generating pre-swirl. This device directs the flow of the water to the propeller for more effective flow so that the propeller will provide the best possible thrust with the least effort. This can give efficiency improvement between 3-7%.
    • Post-swirl device: Hub Vortex Absorb Fins, is an energy saving propeller cap with fins that rotate together with the propeller. This is a small propeller type device which is fitted on the end of the propeller boss and smoothness the vortex created by the propeller, thus reducing the drag. The efficiency improvement is between 2-5%.
    • High-Efficiency propeller: Kappel propeller, is similar to that of the wing let at the end of airplane wings, with the suppression of the tip vortex permitting high blade loading in this region. The minimized flow over the blade tip and the outer region of the Kappel propeller geometry retain high efficiency – increasing the total efficiency of the Kappel propeller compared to conventional propellers. This can give efficiency improvement between 3-10%.