All of our fleet has been equipped with a sophisticated vessel performance monitoring system.

The system allows us to collect real-time information on the performance of important equipment, with a particular focus on vessel performance and fuel consumption. We designed the system to enhance our operational knowledge and increase the efficiency of our trading and of our vessel maintenance.

Using real-time data collected from the system and in-house analysis, we can:

  • evaluate optimum operating parameters during various sea passage conditions;
  • compare actual versus required vessel performance and fuel consumption;
  • assess and evaluate vessel and equipment actual performance;
  • take proactive steps, if needed, to ensure vessel and equipment operate in a reliable and efficient manner;
  • minimize downtime and off-hires by proper planning and selecting the right timing for maintenance through the condition-based monitoring approach;
  • identify timely potential operating problems; and
  • ensure that our seafarers are well informed and taking necessary actions to reduce the likelihood of a malfunction.