On Tuesday, 3rd December 2019, we proudly took delivery of “MV Lem Geranium” ahead of its contractual delivery date to Glencore plc, the first of a series of 65,000 dwt LEM65 super-eco Ultramax vessels due to join our fleet from New Times Shipbuilding in China.

We are honored to have Mrs. Natasa Pilidou, Shipping Deputy Minister to the President, Republic of Cyprus, as the godmother of this vessel and look forward to managing a state of the art vessel that has outstanding new features and distinct advantages overs its Ultramax piers in loading capacity, speed/fuel consumption and innovative design.

Some of the many additional outstanding features, which make it ideal for any diversified Handymax trade include:

LEM65 Super-Eco Ultramax features:

– Aero-accommodation
– Very low fuel consumption
– Hull Optimization
– Electric Cranes
– Strengthened Tank tops

Additional Optimization:

-Energy Room
-Auxiliary Power
-Paint Coatings

Energy Saving Devices:

-Kappel Propeller
-Propeller Boss Cap Fin
-Fan Duct o Skeg

Analytics & Monitoring:

-Real-Time Performance
-Data Collection
-Alert Systems
-Engine Room