On 4th of April 2022, a ceremony for the proclamation of Mr. Philippos Philis to Honorary Doctor of the Department of Commerce, Finance and Shipping of Cyprus University of Technology was held.

Philippos Philis is the founder and CEO of the shipping group Lemissoler since 1996. The Group is active in the field of ship management, freight market and ship operation, providing international shipping services with a number of strong strategic partnerships. Another important activity of the group is research and innovation in technologies and designs of vessels to increase efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from RWTH Aachen and is a graduate of Harvard Business School. He has also served and continues to serve from leading positions on multiple Boards, such as President of the European Shipowners ‘Association ECSA (2022), President of the Cyprus Maritime Chamber CSC (2019-2021) and President of the Cyprus Shipowners’ Employers Association CySEA (2016-2021).

Panagiotis Zafiris, the Dean of Cyprus University of Technology during his speech stated:

“The Cyprus University of Technology welcomes today Mr. Philippos Philis, to whom will be awarded the highest academic honor, with his nomination as Honorary Doctor of the Department of Commerce, Finance and Shipping, the School of Management and Economics. This proclamation is a special honor for the honoree, to the same extent it’s an honor for our University as well, since Philippos Philis is a prominent personality in the shipping industry with long experience and great influence in the global shipping scene. His contribution to the sector is evaluated as extremely important and his social appeal goes beyond the geographical boundaries of Cyprus.

This proclamation takes place at the right time, since our University, after a recent agreement with the Ministry of Education, proceeds with the establishment of the new Department of Shipping. The forthcoming establishment of the new Department in the city of Limassol will be extremely helpful for one of the most promising sectors of the Cypriot economy, with obvious benefits for the city and our University, businesses and human capital of Cyprus. At the same time, by establishing an academic Department focusing on shipping, we are creating the conditions for cultivating a culture of research and innovation in shipping, ensuring adequate training and skills in shipping professions and the green and sustainable development of the industry. Dear Philippe, in you, the university community of CUT, sees a valuable partner with whom it will work with zeal to achieve these strategic goals.

The relationship between TEPAK and Philippos Philis, however, does not start tonight. It has been a long time and began with his personal contribution to the creation of shipping curricula, the offer of scholarships for the financial support of our students and the practical support to actions of the Department of Commerce, Finance and Shipping. We look forward to the continuation and strengthening of this relationship that promotes and enhances the education of young people.

Dear Philippe, we are confident that your rich knowledge, experience and expertise on issues of sustainable development of shipping will act as guarantees for a successful partnership between us. Mr. Philis, Today you become a member of the academic community of the Cyprus University of Technology that honors you by awarding you the highest academic honor. Thank you for your dedication to our university and your trust. I congratulate you and welcome you to our academic family.”