Yesterday, on Tuesday, October 3, 2023, the sixth consecutive annual Young Entrepreneurship awards, “Γε’ νέο Επιχειρείν” organized by KEBE and the magazine Thessalonicis Dromena took place with great success. The awards are supported by the Ministry of Energy, Trade and Industry, the Hellenic Bank and Coneq company.

The awards have become an annual institution that encourages and rewards young entrepreneurship. The awardees are role models for the youth and worthy ambassadors of Business for our country.

Addressing the event, the President of the Parliament, Mrs. Annita Dimitriou, praised the vital role played by young entrepreneurs, who are the future and the driving force for the transition to development and the creation of conditions that will create new perspectives for the economy and the progress of our country. Characteristically, he mentioned that with the contribution of young people, Cyprus is becoming more and more visible on the international business map.

In the greeting of the President of KEBE, it was emphasized that the Chamber with its many initiatives promotes young entrepreneurship and encourages our young scientists to enter the field of Business. A difficult, but exciting and creative arena that ultimately completes personalities, creates role models, shapes principles and morals, and conveys unique experiences.

KEBE supports and promotes this institution, because it believes in the need to recognize and promote young entrepreneurship in Cyprus, where young Cypriot entrepreneurs will be rewarded with a significant and worthy contribution to the business activities of our country.

The benefits of being involved in business are many for everyone, since through it economic growth is created, new achievements are achieved, innovation and the development of new ideas are promoted, employment and social welfare are strengthened. To promote business, the KEBE emphasizes the need to provide incentives (tax and other) to encourage entrepreneurship, the promotion of digital media, the reduction of bureaucracy, the improvement of the regulatory framework and the facilitation of the creation and operation of businesses, but also the introduction of entrepreneurship in education.

Finally, Mr. Panagiotis Kayas, initiator of the institution, welcoming the event on behalf of the “Thessaloniki Dromena” Magazine, said that through this institution, 200 young entrepreneurs in Greece and Cyprus have been awarded.

The next goal is to create a global network of Greek and Cypriot young entrepreneurs, extending the institution to expatriates, who are among the leaders in their field, acting as role models for thousands of other young people.

Our Director, Aristos Philis was awarded for the category of Shipping Enterprises!