Maria Philis

Maria Philis joined Lemissoler Group in 2011 as Human Resources Manager. Maria is responsible for matters of the onshore human capital of the company. She establishes policies, standards, and procedures to integrate these with the company’s objectives, to provide advice and consistency, and to co-ordinate and provide training and development. She is also, involved in [...]

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Michalis Lazarou

Michalis Lazarou joined Lemissoler in 2008 as Group Assistant Financial Controller and promoted to Group Financial Controller in 2009. Prior to joining the organization Michalis has served as an auditor in a chartered accountants firm in Sydney, Australia for four years and prior to this as an auditor in Deloitte in Cyprus for five years. [...]

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Dimitris Konstantinidis

Dimitris Konstantinidis was employed by Lemissoler Shipmanagement Ltd in 2006 as a Purchasing Officer, in 2008 was promoted to a Technical Coordinator, as a  Procurement Manager in 2015 and to Chief Shipmanagement Officer in 2020. As Chief Shipmanagement Officer, Dimitris has overall responsibility for the smooth operation and professional decision taking processes of Lemissoler Ship [...]

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Andreas Kleovoulou

Andreas Kleovoulou was born in Limassol, Cyprus in 1981. He is the Commercial Operations Manager of Lemissoler Shipmanagement Ltd. Prior to his current position at Lemissoler Shipmanagement Ltd he was the Corporate Management Officer at the same company for two years. He previously worked as a Commercial Operations Assistant at Inter Marine Container Lines (IMCL) [...]

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Stavros Ioannides

Stavros Ioannides joined Inter Marine Container Lines Ltd (IMCL), a subsidiary of Lemissoler, in 2003 as Operations/Line Management Officer and promoted to Operations Manager in 2004. In 2010 moved to Chartering department of Lemissoler Shipmanagement Ltd as Chartering Manager. His current task involve searching the market, negotiating and fixing the most suitable employment for the [...]

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Iacovos Florides

Iacovos joined Lemissoler in 2014 as Newbuilding Supervisor based in China, transitioned to Technical Department in Cyprus as Technical Superintendent in 2017 and currently managing Safety & Environmental Department. Prior to joining Lemissoler, Iacovos has worked as Technical Superintendent for four years in a Greek Shipmanagement Company based in Kingston, UK and prior to this [...]

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Nicos Economou

Nicos Economou joined Lemissoler in 2013 as Group Assistant Financial Controller. Prior to his current position at Lemissoler Navigation Ltd, he worked at various companies in various sectors. He started working in 1999 for Marine Insurance Brokers, and at the same time was studying for the Association Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). After five years he [...]

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Patrik Lucio Bollini

Patrik Lucio Bollini was born in Como, Italy in 1978. He is the Chief Information Officer of Lemissoler Navigation Co Ltd. Prior to his current position at Lemissoler Navigation Co Ltd, he worked at various companies in Germany. He started working for IBM Leipzig, Germany straight out of university as a Network Administrator and later [...]

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Chrysostomos Demetriou

Chrysostomos Demetriou joined Inter Marine Container Lines Ltd (IMCL), a subsidiary company of Lemissoler, in 2000 to 2003 as Operations/Line Management Officer. He has rejoined Lemissoler at the end of 2006 as Fleet Development Manager/Market Analyst and promoted to Sales & Purchase, Chartering Manager in 2009, Chief Marine and Operations Officer in 2012 and to [...]

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