Chairman & CEO
Director & COO
Director & CFO
Chief Technical Officer (CTO)
Chief Commercial Operations and Chartering Officer
Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Corporate & Legal Consultant, Data Protection Officer (DPO)
Group Assistant Financial Controller
Safety & Environmental Manager, DPA
Chartering Manager / Deputy Chief Commercial Operations and Chartering Officer
Commercial Operations Manager
Chief Shipmanagement Officer
Group Financial Controller
Claims Manager
Human Resources Manager
Insurance Manager
Chief Corporate Management Officer
Marine Manager / Chief Security Officer (CSO)
Technical Manager / Deputy Chief Shipmanagement Officer
Fleet Training Master and Director of Lemissoler Ukraine S.C
Junior Technical Superintendent
Catering Officer
Ship Accountant
IT and Marine Communications Officer
Commercial Operator
Ship Accountant
Accounting Manager
Senior IT and Marine Communications Officer
Senior Crew Operator
Crew Coordinator
Operations Manager of Lemissoler Shanghai Marine Services Co., Ltd
Procurement Officer
Fleet Training Master
Marketing and Communications Officer
Yacht Captain
Crew Operator
Visa and Travel Coordinator
Software Developer
Commercial Operator
Accounting Manager
Ship Accountant
Ticketing Officer
Senior Electrical and Electronics Superintendent
Crew Coordinator
Technical Superintendent
Commercial Operator
Ship Accountant
Technical Superintendent
Technical Superintendent
Crewing Manager
Senior Procurement Officer
Ticketing Officer
Ticketing Officer
Crewing Coordinator
Shipmanagement Administrator
Cook Supervisor
Corporate & Legal Consultant
Senior Software Developer
Junior Electrical and Electronic Superintendent
Health, Safety and Environment Superintendent
Procurement Officer
Junior Procurement Officer
Data Scientist